First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Soaring wave of hope!

So thankful to life for making me fall,
As I could not be the human above all.
I could not be passionate if I have not known the pain of losing,
The life could not be apparently amusing.
I could not value this life and the people around,
And not known that it is a pleasure to be a clown.
People take themselves for granted,
Do not forget life is only once planted.
Love passionately and live like a river,
Because great is the forgiver.
River flows miles over those mighty rocks n pebble,
So incessant like it has never been a rebel.
So powerful like never been defeated.
So romantic like never been broken.
So innocent like never been cheated. Beautiful n shinning like a diamond that has to travel miles without getting frightened.. going ahead.. to that never ending journey.. Burbling with that happy sound and motivating others by its journey of ups n down.